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A Big Pile of Shoes

01. Players remove their shoes and place in a pile 02. Other shoes are added to the pile—a mess is created 03. Players go sit, far away from the pile 04. On the count of three, they rush to the pile, find their shoes 05. The first to put on her shoes wins the game

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Simon Says

01. Simon (the designated leader) tells other members of the group what they must do 02. Players need to be careful to only obey commands that begin with the phrase “Simon says…” 03. If she obeys a command that does not begin with “Simon says,” the player is eliminated

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Tie In A Knot

01. X and Y co-ordinates are mapped on the ground 02. A referee calls out moves, directing players to place feet or hands on specific locations 03. As players arrange themselves into more and more difficult positions, eventually someone will fall and be eliminated 04. Last person to not fall wins

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